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HBIS Chairman Had Deep Level Meeting With Haier Chairman & CEO Zhang Ruimin


April 17, HBIS Chairman Yu Yong had a deep level meeting with Haier Chairman & CEO Yu Yong in Haier Group. They exchanged with their business concepts including deepening their supply side structural reform, driving their client oriented product upgrades,demand oriented business model innovation and the sustainable & healthy development. They were also willing to expand the cooperation between the two organizations.

Yu Yong appreciated the great accommodations of Mr.Zhang Ruimin out from his busy schedule. He said Mr.Zhang Ruimin is a globally renowned and highly respected business leader. Haier group is THE World’s No.One Household Electric Appliance manufacturer,which is the pride of the country and highly respected and studied by HBIS. For years, HBIS has innovated Client, market and business models, especially the “Personnel & Bill Package”, brought by Mr.Zhang Ruimin, has given HBIS revelations. He said with our present shareholding cooperation, HBIS wishes to explore opportunities with Haier in Haier future innovation efforts. With the HBIS & Haier Household Electric Appliance Steel R&D Center in place, HBIS will provide better material to Haier products.

Mr.Zhang Ruimin welcomed the visiting HBIS team led by Chairman Yu Yong and appreciated the development HBIS has achieved in tough market environment. He introduced the “Personnel & Bill Package”business model Haier has long pursued, its results and his experience. He indicated that in any reform, the reformers should have the spirits to turn the originals upside down. The basic element of an enterprise is human being and the heart of management is  the management of the people, instead of assets and ultimate goal is to make everyone his/her own CEO. “Personnel & Bill Package”is about to combine the employees and clients. Client is the market and employee the management. The goal of an enterprise is to satisfy the demands of its clients. There is no clear boundary between employees and clients, neither management nor market. Haier innovation team has integrated themselves and their clients to explore more opportunities based on the client demands.