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HBIS Top Executives Emphasized in the Hebei Machinery & Science Research Institute Management Meeting: Take The Opportunities and Regain the Energy for Glory, Strive Hard And Win Its Competitiveness In HBIS


April 28, HBIS held the management meeting of the newly merged HBIS Machinery & Science Research Institute(MSRI). In the meeting, on behalf of the HBIS CCP Committee and group, HBIS executives announced the appointment of the management team of MSRI. HBIS Chairman Yu Yong emphasized that MSRI should take the opportunities brought by the merger and merge itself into HBIS environment. It should understand the development strategies and orientation, face the market with innovation and strive hard to win its value with competitiveness within HBIS.

HBIS President Peng Zhaofeng hosted the meeting and group leaders Dong Weijun, Li Bingjun also attended the meeting.

Yu Yong said the merger was an important decision made the Hebei Provincial Government and SASAC. Based on the complementary nature of their respective advantages and weakness and their mutual need for their future development, the merger could bring new opportunities to both parties. HBIS will make it good. HBIS, a steel manufacturer, and MSRI, a machinery developer with an elite R&D team and a rich history, should be well coordinated and let MSRI play an more important and bigger role in the new period.

Yu Yong said this merger was not a simple combination of two enterprises, instead, it should be able to achieve 1+12 as a goal. Reinforced by MSRI, HBIS now owns not only material research capabilities, but also steel application R&D units. The weakness of the overall strategic structure is finally corrected. The large volume of HBIS and its industrial chain will provide MSRI with excellent resources in the market. The merged MSRI will own HBIS market shares and its room for development.   

Yu Yong emphasized that the level of clients was a key factor to the development of an enterprise and MSR should define its strategic orientation and approach the high end clients in the market to find more opportunities and room for development. MSRI must be a market oriented organization with a clear understanding to its opportunities and demands. With HBIS resources, MSRI will definitely be able to regain its strength and win its position in the group and play a key role in the industry.

Yu Yong also demanded full supports from HBIS departments to MSRI. The independence of MSRI should be secured, well, HBIS departments should assist MSRI to resolve actual difficulties with their policy supports. 

In order to implement the policies of the meeting, Peng Zhaofeng emphasized that the companies should optimized their resource allocations and improve the merger process. The mutual complimentary natures of the deal should be achieved to cultivate the benefits of the merger. HBIS and its departments should well coordinate the development strategies of MSRI. On micro-end, HBIS should identify its advantage and play along. MSRI should take full advantages of HBIS platform and have the courage to explore and act with bravery with innovation.