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HBIS Executives Met Slovakian Economic Minister Peter Ziga

May 13, HBIS Chairman Yu Yong met Slovakian Economic Minister Peter Ziga in Beijing. Slovakian State Secretary of Economic Ministry Vojtech Ferencz, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Senior Consultant of Goldman Sachs, Vladimir Dlouhy, HBIS Beijing International Trade Company Chairman Liu Jian and other executives also attended the meeting.

Mr.Yu Yong welcomed the Slovakian delegation and gave a brief introduction of the international development concepts of HBIS. In the past few years, HBIS has been following the Belt & Road Initiative and expanding the distribution of its industrial chain and exploring more international capacity cooperation opportunities. Its ultimate goal is to own global resources, markets and clients, accomplishing a HBIS of the world. In the first half of last  year, HBIS took over the Serbian Smederevo Steel Mill. With the technological upgrade and optimization to its market and client structure, the company is reviving from a seven-year-loss in less than one year and making a profit. 

Yu Yong said that Slovakia was an very important European country and owned a welcoming business environment, legal system and an efficient government. Since it took office, the present administration has been assisting its automobile industry to enter a fast track and improving the growth of the overall economy. HBIS has confidence in the Slovakian economy and is looking forward to investment opportunities in the country.      

Minister Peter Ziga appreciated the invitation to the meeting and introduced the social and economic development of Slovakia. He said, his country had been noticing the oversea development of HBIS and its ever growing influence. The Slovakian government fully appreciates the global strategy of HBIS and looks forward to joining in and providing assistance to the HBIS globalization efforts.