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Serbian Prime Minister and President Elect Aleksandar Vucic Visited HBIS


After the One Belt One Road International Forum, Serbian Prime Minister and the President Elect Aleksandar Vucic visited HBIS in the morning of May 16th.

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic, Minister of Economy Knesevic, Minister of Agriculture & Environment Protection, Branislav Nedimovic, Minister of Education, Science & Technological Development Mladen Sarcevic and Serbian Ambassador in China Milan Bačević and the delegation, accompanied by Vice Governor Wang Xiaodong of Hebei Province, Chinese ambassador Li Manchang in Serbia, Mayor of Tangshan, Ding Xiufeng, Deputy Director Gong Tao of the ministry of foreign affairs department of Europe, HBIS Chairman Yu Yong,visited HBIS Tangsteel. 

Following the national One Belt One Road Initiative and promoting its international production cooperation, HBIS speeds up its international development. In 2016, HBIS purchased the Smederevo Steel Mill. In June 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the HBIS Serbian Company and hoped to see an operational cooperation between Chinese and Serbian enterprises and a successful showcase project in the cooperation between China and Mid/Eastern European international  cooperation and the One Belt and One Road Initiative. With the strong support of Prime Minister Vucic, in only six months, this century old steel mill has been able to make back from a seven-year-long loss. By the end of 2016, the company had made a profit. According to the plan, HBIS Serbia’s total revenue will reach 800million US dollars this year, enhancing the Serbian GDP by 1% and making a profit of 20million dollars.

At the 9:20AM, Prime MinisterVucic’s motorcade arrive in HBIS Tangsteel. At the entrance, PM Vucic wave at the cheering crowds. With his smile, he came to the people and shake hands with Tangsteel employees. He talked to a lady and asked “Are you enjoying your work in HBIS Tangsteel? ”Hearing the proud answer of “I am very happy work here”, PM Vucic was glad and smiled.

In the welcoming crowd, there was a 26 year old Serbian, Dusan Sevo, from HBIS Serbia, who was attending a training program in Tangsteel. Meeting a fellow citizen, PM Vucic was surprised and had a formal kissing etiquette with him. Vucic asked him “Are you happy with your work?”, “Satisfied with the performance of HBIS Serbian Company?”Hearing a happy answer from Mr.Dusan Sevo,Vucic was delighted. 

In the site visit, PM Vucic came to the exhibition hall of Tangsteel first. On the boards of first floor, each historical moment of HBIS group and Tangsteel was presented. On April 18, 2016, HBIS Group and the Serbian Government Signed the M&A Agreement of Smederevo Steel Mill and formally started their cooperation. Standing at the board of that day, PM Vucic recalled that enjoyable ceremony.

Looking outside the glass wall, all he could see was the green lawn and the white workshops hidden in tree tops. In a hurry, Vucic wished to know the development of HBIS Serbian Company, specifically the composite application of energy and environmental protection and when HBIS Serbia could reach the same level of Tangsteel here. Yu Yong said Tangsteel has mobilized its top resources to help the company to regain its strength. In the future, HBIS Serbia will be as good as Tangsteel today. 

“Steel mills also could become clean factories and garden style enterprises. This is worth promoting”Vice Governor Wang Xiaodong commented and Ambassador Li Manchang agreed.

The motorcade came to the blue colored water processing center. This is the largest urban recycled and industrial waste water treatment center in northern China. Back then, its operation represented the first water treatment center which adopted urban recycled water as its only water source in the whole country. Inspected the whole treatment process, Vucic couldn’t help praising“What a remarkable project”.

Stepping on to the 3200m BF platform, Vucic was inspired by the unfolding scene. The tidy platform floor was clean like a mirror and equipment dustless. Seeing the hot metal flowing out of Exit No.1 without any smoke and dust, with his humor, Vucic asked “Could we move this BF to our Smederevo?”Yu Yong replied, “HBIS Serbia will apply the same standard! Smederevo will make it!

PM Vucic was greatly concerned with the upgrade of the Serbian company. Yu Yong told the Prime Minister that HBIS Serbia would invest 120million US dollars to upgrade key facilities, further improve  the procedures and the product structure and improve competitiveness of products. We could see the results next year! Vucic raised his thumb! He was very glad to hear that Chinese teams and their Serbian counterparts were working every well together. He  appreciated the contributions of HBIS team has made in Serbia.  With the existing positive cash flow, he was expecting an even better HBIS Serbian Company. He also instructed his team to offer their full support to the development of the company and      accomplish a mutually winning project between      Serbian Government and HBIS.

Leaving BF workshop, with the blast furnace as the background,  PM Vucic received an interview from the Serbian state media.He said this trip was impressive.He said the One Road One Belt was not only a Chinese dream, it was also a dream of Serbia.

Visiting galvanizing workshop of the cold strip rolling mill, PM Vucic used words “Shocking, Wonderful, Beautiful, Gorgeous”to describe the shinny and well packaged cold rolled strips. In the inner-storage workshop, PM Vucic rushed to the finely packaged galvanized coils and took pictures with the state-the-art strips.

Leaving the plant, PM Vucic was little regretful to leave. He was confident that “In the future, HBIS Serbian Company will be as beautiful as here!”