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HBIS Wusteel Boiler Pressure Steel Sales Increased 57% Compare To Same Period Last Year In the Five Months of the Year

With the advantages of its boiler pressure steel products, HBIS Wusteel has been winning more shares in Oil & Chemical industry. In the firs five months of the year, the orders of boiler pressure products have reached 135,000tons, which represents a 57% increase compare to the sales of the same period last year.

Boiler pressuresteel is high tech and high value added. Due to special features of the Oil & Chemical industry, clients always raise strict requirements to the capabilities and quality of the products. HBIS Wusteel studied the development of the oil &  chemical industry and closely followed the progresses of seven constructing production projects. They assigned individual sales teams to each project to enter the high end market. The company improved their products and diversified their product varieties. The company enhanced their R&D capabilities by completing the Anti-HS Corrosion Laboratory to improve their research capabilities and meet delivery terms. 

Now, HBIS Wusteel is developing is its Vanadium Plates and Hydrogen Cr-Mo Steel plates, with a maximum thickness of 256mm and maximum weight of a single unit of 50tons. The plates are widely applied to manufacture key equipment in Zhengjiang Project and Liaoning Refinery & Chemistry project.