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HBIS Chengsteel Providing Cloud Services to Tencent

With their technological advantages, HBIS Chengsteel is exploring technology service market and improving the profit level of its non-ferrous sector. In late May, Chengsteel Automation Center Initiated a JV with Tencent to implement its cloud service platform. 

In the past few years, the cloud calculation market has been experiencing a steady growth and the market demand for cloud services has increase significantly. With a clear understanding to the market, the company expanded its teams and aimed at the high end clients and opportunities brought by the trend of server expansion. With their market survey and negotiations, the company finally secured its server expansion contracts with Tencent. 

To fully accomplish their goals, the technicians made quick responses to the project and completed the installation with a high quality network. They also closely followed up the system performances and provided sufficient optimization solutions. The project team thus received a high remark from Tecent.