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HBIS Established The World’s First Sub-Molten Salt Clean Vanadium Extraction Production Line ​


The world’s first sub-molten salt clean Vanadium extraction production facility, the first showcase project has initiated its production on June 12 in HBIS Chengsteel. This is an important and strategic joint venture implemented by HBIS and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), a key innovation in Vanadium extraction technology and could lead to green & clean Vanadium technology. It is a green revolution in Titanium & Vanadium production industry of the world. It will enhance the competitiveness of HBIS in the industry and push Titanium & Vanadium industry into a green and sustainable track. In the afternoon, HBIS & CAS Sub-molten & Clean Extraction Model Project Completion & Application <A href="" target=>Symposium was held in Chengsteel. HBIS Chairman Yu Yong delivered his speech and Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Qiu Dingfan, Zhang Yi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Han Buxing, CAS Science & Technology Bureau Director Yan Qing and Mayor of Chengde City Chang Lihong attended the symposium.  

This project is jointly implemented by HBIS and CAS and an application project of “High Chromium & Vanadium Slag Sub-Molten Extraction and Contamination Control Solution”, a sub-project of National 973 Project. It is world’s first  showcase project of all-wet style clean Vanadium extraction project and the partners own the 100% intellectual property rights. The application of this project will increase the utilization ratio of Vanadium resources by 10% and utilization ratio of Chromium increases by 80%. The production process will be clean and efficient. The project will help China and the world upgrade the green production equipment of Vanadium industry. The annual treatment capacity of the Vanadium slag is 50,000tons.    

This is a world leading technology in Vanadium industry and innovation oriented green project. A short and recycled procedure is achieved and could contribute to a high utilization rate. Its clean production index reaches 96.7%, which is truly a recycled economic production with substantial social benefits.    

The technology will overcome the three major problems of existing Vanadium extraction technologies, including large amount of “three types of Wastes”, difficulties in terminal treatment and high costs. When applied nationwide, the technology could reduce 500million cubic meters of waste gas, 600,000tons of heavy metal slags and 2.4 million tons of high salt <A href="" target=>ammonia-nitrogen wastewater. The Chromium resources in the slags will be recovered and contribute to a higher profit. This technology will open a new era of green development of Titanium & Vanadium industry and has a high economic value and risk resistant capabilities. The industrial application of this technology will lead the upgrade the global Vanadium extraction technologies and help China to secure its advantages in the industry. It will help the Chinese Titanium & Vanadium industry further strengthen its international development strategies.