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HBIS Launched New Construction Steel Structure Joint Venture

June 20, the launching ceremony of HBIS Construction Steel Structure Co.Ltd (HBIS CSSC) was held in HBIS headquarter. HBIS chairman Yu Yong, China Construction Steel Structure Corporation (CCSSC) chairman Wang Hong and Hebei Construction & Investment Group (HECIC) chairman Li Lianping, hand in hand, turned on the light ball and officially launched the HBIS CSSC joint venture. This is a latest step of HBIS’supply side structural reform, taking the opportunities brought by the national development strategies. The new company will expand the group’s industrial chain to green construction steel structure and enjoy the resources of its three partners. HBIS CSSC will dedicate its efforts to the green development of construction industry seeking more opportunities in the coordinated development of Jing-Jin-Hebei Initiative and the construction of Xiongan New District and regional social & economic development.   

CCSSC Vice President Zuo Xuping, HECIC Deputy Chairman & Vice President Cheng Yingqian, HECIC CCP Standing Committee Member, Vice President Wang Junshan, HBIS CCP Vice Chairman Li Bingjun also attended the conference.  

HBIS, CCSSC, HECIC each owns 50%, 40% and 10% of the newly incorporated JV. The new JV will merger the resources of its share holders and concentrate its efforts in the green production, processing, supply of the construction materials and the design, installation, construction of steel structure construction projects. With its eyes on recycling economy and green development, the company will be dedicated to the implementation and operation of steel structure construction projects in  Jing-Jin-Hebei and international market. It will be a leading contractor in project design, production and construction of Hebei Province including green structures (Steel Structure construction), infrastructure, schools, hospitals, settlement buildings, 3D Parking Lot, bicycle expressway, pedestrian bridges, old city retrofit projects and sponge city projects. Its business scope includes estate & municipal construction projects contracting, engineering design & consulting, engineering management, R&D of new steel structures and the production, sales and services of those structures.