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HBIS Launches Its Carbon Asset Management Business

HBIS Carbon Asset Management Company Co.Ltd has recently completed its incorporation procedures and become a major carbon management platform of HBIS group. The company will study and analyze the national policy and trading regime of carbon emissions. It will establish a HBIS carbon management system to manage and monitor the carbon inquiry, trading, contract performance and carbon asset development.

The 100% HBIS subsidiary has a registration capital of 100million RMB and a business scope of: carbon emission review, quota application, annual application, CCER, CDM, contractual energy management and low carbon consultation.

The national “13th Five Year Greenhouse Gas Emission Plan”has indicated that the emission intensity of greenhouse gases in 2020 will be 20.5% lower than the level of 2015 in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province. HBIS has been the first company in steel industry to carried out the “Six In One” Green Action Plan and integrated the carbon management.The low carbon development has been embedded into the strategic thinking of HBIS industrial chain and has been assisting the group to allocate carbon resources and control the risks well advanced rest of the industry.

Once the carbon market is in operation, the steel mills will enjoy a major opportunity brought by emission quota trading, CCER SWAP and carbon project development. With this carbon platform, the group will enjoy its technological and HR advantages and develop its projects voluntarily. 

The national carbon market is approaching and the shear size and openness of the market will contribute to a dramatic shift during this period. The carbon financial service business sector will have a great opportunity. With the financial advantages of the group, HBIS Carbon will carry out Guarantee CCER Forward Contract, Carbon Fund, Carbon Trust, Green Structural Deposit, Carbon Asset Pledge Financing, Carbon Repurchasing Financing, Carbon Exterior SWAP, Additional Yielding Bond, all new green financing facilities.  

Financing is a major Non-Ferrous development sector of HBIS. The actual operation of HBIS Carbon could not only activate the carbon asset, reduce the cost of emission reduction, but also encourage the exploration of its financial sector for services and innovation. The coordination between the steel industry and finance sector will be strengthened.