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HBIS Fine Steel Applied In Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

July 7th, the world’s longest sea crossing bridge, connecting Hongkong, Zhuhai and Macao welcomed its new moment: sea floor tunnel completed and the major structures connected. HBIS Chengsteel has provided more than 240,000tons of Vanadium anti-seismic wire bars and fine steel plates to this project, in which 135,000tons of high strength anti-seismic wire bars to manufacture the huge undersea tunnel sections and made a miracle of “Not a single drop of water streaming into the tunnel”. This project fully presents the capabilities and reliability of HBIS products.      

With a 55Km length, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge includes a 6.7Km seabed tunnel, the longest expressway immersed tunnel and only submerged tubular tunnel, which is the first out-sea submerge tubular tunnel in the country and faces the toughest comprehensive technological challenges, in turn raises extreme requirements to steel materials, including strength, tenacity and anti-corrosion capabilities. The HBIS Yanshan Brand high strength & anti-seismic wire bars won its reputations from contractors with their excellent anti-corrosion, anti-seismic and duration capabilities and were widely applied in immersed tunnel construction.

In order to meet precision requirements, the bridge adopted 12mm-40mm in diameter and 14.75m, 12.35m and 9.75m in length, non-standard bars, ultimately, a precision level of millimeters, barely seen in the country, which is normally on the centimeter level.  

To satisfy the “Non-Rust”Delivery requirement, HBIS independently developed the Vanadium Micro Alloy Production Procedures and optimized the content levels of Vanadium, Chrome,Niobium and Copper to give the products an unprecedented anti-corrosion ability. 

Besides high quality products, HBIS major client managers provided its exclusive services to the project. Company adopted Internet+ concept services that with a single scan on the 2D bar with a mobile phone, a client could trace the serial numbers, furnace numbers and inspection numbers to implement his inventory and quality control procedures. 

To serve this project, HBIS adopted an order oriented production model to improve its efficiency. The project contractor complimented that HBIS bars are anti-corrosion, have excellent quality, the company services are exclusive and everything is trustworthy.

Besides the submersed tunnel sections, HBIS also provided more 40,000tons of top quality high-width & thickness plates to manufacture major weight bearing components, including steel box girders. More than 34,000tons of steel plates were used to construct Custom Inspection and its service facilities. HBIS also provided high strength suspension bars to construct weight bearing components of this bridge.