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HBIS Tangsteel Hot Rolled Automobile Transmission Shaft Steel Making Direct Sales to 3 Major Domestic Automakers

Since the beginning of the year, HBIS Tangsteel has been working hard to expand its sales channels and explore high end sales market for its automobile steel strips. They have strengthened its cooperation with important automakers and improved its market shares. In the first half of the year, Tangsteel worked with three major domestic transmission shaft manufacturers and delivered more than 1300tons of Type 500Z, 550A and 700Z high level hot rolled automobile transmission shaft steel.

The rapid development of Chinese automobile market brings great opportunities to the transmission shaft steel makers. As high end automobile steel material, the transmission shaft steel has high requirements toward dimensional precision and alloy metal content control and yielding ratio.

HBIS Tangsteel established its Production-R&D-Sales package teams to explore the market and aim at the leading automakers in the country. They identified the specific needs of each client and designated different products to individual clients, including different qualities, and dimensional requirements. They optimized the production management and shorten the delivery. With their fast track sales model, they could make their delivery within a week. All these efforts have contributed to better brand name and customer loyalty.