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HBIS Launching A Key National R&D Project

July 11, HBIS held the seminar of the Project:Coordinated Control Technologies of Multiple Procedural Pollutant in Steel Industry, a secondary project of national R&D Project:“A study of Cause of Atmospheric Pollution & The Control Technologies”in HBIS headquarter. Led by HBIS, the joint venture has more than ten partners, including Institute of Process Engineering of CAS, ACRE, Sino Tiancheng Environmental Protection Technology, Iron & Steel Research Institute and Beijing S&T University.  

“A study of Cause of Atmospheric Pollution & The Control Technologies”is a key national project that could have an actual impact on the economy and people’s life. The project is intended to study and develop the technologies and equipment that could manage the pollutant generated by multiple production procedures in steel industry. The project will build five pilot plants and help HBIS to reduce its major pollutant emission to meet the latest standards, including an ultra low emission level of sintering dust emission. If industrially applied, the technologies could lead to a significant reduction of total pollutant generation, which could half the emission intensity while making a substantial profit. This project has received a state funding of 33million RMB and is about to be completed in 2020.