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HBIS Launching The Eighth “HBIS Cup”Professional Capability Contest

July 27, HBIS launched the Eighth “HBIS Cup”Professional Capability Contest in HBIS Xuansteel.

HBIS Cup Profession Capability Contest is a strategic move of HBIS pursuing its Enterprise HR strategy. With its previous seven contests, HBIS provided a green channel for its employees to show their talents and pursue their careers. In the past seven years, more than 200,000 people have taken part in the training and contests and 63 of them won the gold medal, 117 Technology Models and 366 Technical Experts. With training and competition, the technicians have improved their capabilities. They are motivated to study and win higher level competitions. HBIS employees have been winning top titles in industrial, provincial and national competitions. In two years, 26 HBIS technicians won nation wide steel industry expert titles. In 2015 National Professional Competition of computer programmers, HBIS team won the Group Champion and two of its members won Technical Expert Awards. On April 11 this year, HBIS Hansteel employee Zhou Wentao became the World Champion in the Eleventh World Steel Making Simulation Championship.

This year’s contest has setup computer programmer,overhead crane operator, maintenance electrician, Chemical Analyzer, Welder, bench worker competitions and 144 technicians from HBIS subsidiaries will attend the contests.