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HBIS Hansteel High End Automobile Steel Entering European Market In Large Volume

August 2nd, HBIS Hansteel successfully delivered 39,000tons of high end automobile steel to European market, including IF steel, high strength IF steel, low alloy high strength and dual phase steel series to Italian, French and Spanish clients.

This year, HBIS Hansteel upgraded its products according to clients demand and strengthened its R&D and marketing of automobile steel products. The company is now able to produce all steel materials of an automobile and exploring international markets after securing a substantial share of the domestic market. 

HBIS sent its technicians to its oversea clients to have a high level understanding to their demands and entered their findings into the Production & Sales system. The company assigned  technicians and experts to key posts and applied standard operations. They also established their quality recall scheme to ensure their product quality.