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HBIS Wusteel Ultra-Thick Plates Winning Tibetan Hydro Power Plant Contracts

HBIS Wusteel has recently delivered 1,248tons of high quality ultra thick steel plates to Tibetan Jiacha Hydro Power Plant project. 

The Jiacha power plant is the final project in a planned  series of five hydro power plants between Shangri and Jiacha Gorge, along middle section of the mainstream of  Yarlung Zangbo River. After completion, it could improve the capacity of power grid and end the power shortages of Tibetan region.

In May, HBIS Wusteel sales teams followed up the progress of Jiacha project closely. According to project requirements, the company optimized its steel material and won the contract. The key client service team worked closely with the project teams. They fully understood and resolved the problems in real time and ensured the efficient production and delivery.For this contract, Wusteel delivered all the plates to Lhasa West Railway Station directly instead of the previous routes of west Sichuan or Qinghai Tibetan road transportation. Railway system has helped Wusteel to reduced the transportation time effectively and received high remarks from the client.