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HBIS Tangsteel Bridge Steel Adopted by The Largest Corrugated Steel Web Plate Bridge In Northwest China

July 27, HBIS Tangsteel received the feedback from the Yesheng Yellow River Expressway Bridge Contractor, the future largest corrugated steel web plate bridge in northwest China. Its 242tons of 66mm Q420qE bridge steel are fully satisfying to the project and the quality is excellent.

The Yesheng Yellow Expressway Bridge is connecting Lingwu City and Qingtong Gorge City of Ningxia Autonomous Region. After completion, it will be the largest Corrugated Steel Web Plate Bridge In Northwest China. The design of the bridge is being called an environmental friendly and has strict requirements to the steel material. Compare to traditional concrete bridges, this new type of design has incredible advantages in energy consumption, anti-seismic and duration capabilities construction cost. It also could provide a scenery to the city.    

This year, HBIS Tangsteel has focused its efforts on markets and products to win clients. They are developing high end bridge steel and winning contracts from some key bridge projects in the country. To meet contractual requirements, the production units adopted the newly developed real time cooling and ultra-fast cooling procedures and completed production according to contract terms. The company is now able to produce bridge steel series from the low end Q345q to high end Q420q Series. From January to July, the total sales of bridge has reached 69,400 ton, which was 5.11 times of same period of previous year.