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HBIS Wind Power Plates Made Direct Sales To China Energy Engineering Corporation

July 28, HBIS Wusteel made direct sales of 754ton of  Q345E-Z35 wind power plates to China Energy Engineer Corporation(CEEC) Gansu Keyao Power Corporation.  

HBIS Sales Corporation Zhengzhou Branch upgraded its products with the helps of higher end clients. In the second half of 2016, the teams visited CEEC Gansu Keyao Power Corporation and its production center in Yongcheng Henan Province. They also invited the clients to visit HBIS facilities to establish a thorough mutual understanding. With their efforts, the company successfully launched its bidding account in CEEC Procurement Site. By the end of July, HBIS Scored the first deal with this high end client.

CEEC is large SOE with a complete production chain in electrical power industry, including power & energy planning and consultation, exploration design, engineering contracting, equipment manufacturing and investment & operation. It has completed more than 200 key engineering survey & design projects in more than 20 countries. It is one of most competitive electrical power and energy planning and designing enterprises in China and the world.