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HBIS Executives Made Instructions In The Second Session Of First Board of HBIS & Northeast University Research Institute Take Our Responsibilities & Lead the Industrial Development Build Our World Class R&D and Academic Exchange Platform

August 16th, the second session of the first board of HBIS & Northeast University Research Institute was held in the International Conference Center of Northeast University. In the session, directors reviewed the accomplishment the institute had made in the first year of its establishment and identified its development goals and concepts in future.HBIS CCP Chairman, Chairman of HBIS board and the Institute, Mr.Yu Yong delivered his speech. He praised the excellent performance of the institute and the key breakthroughs in the first year of operation. He also encouraged the teams to stand on the shoulders of the great and look far into the future. The people should take their historic responsibilities and lead the development of Chinese and world steel industry. The Institute should be developed to a world’s leading R&D and global academic exchange center.  


HBIS President Peng Zhaofeng, Northeast Univerisity Principle, Institute Deputy Director Zhao Ji, Academician  of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Principle of the Institute Wang Guodong, HBIS Vice President, Director of the Institute Wang Xindong, Deputy Principle of Northeast University, Institute Director Wang Jinkuan attended the conference.

On behalf of the Institute, Academician of CAE, Wang Guodong made a presentation of the annual report of 2016-2017 to the board.

After the presentation, Yu Yong gave his instructions. He said the performance of the Institute was exciting. It show the efficient allocation of the resources of Industrial capital and research institutions. This cooperation is full of energy and will incubate new industries and improve our own businesses. The HBIS & Northeast University Institute will be a successful showpiece cooperation between enterprises and universities.  

Yu Yong addressed that the practice and performance of the Institute had well followed the instructions of Chairman Xi Jinping to the Innovation Oriented Development Strategy. It has already made its contributions in the supply side reform efforts of HBIS group. The future value and sustainable development of HBIS relies on new technologies and innovations. The competitiveness of HBIS is all about technology innovation and green manufacturing, Intelligent and international development of our green technologies. All will contribute to a higher level of HBIS development. 

To future development of the Institute, Yu Yong emphasized the board should take its responsibilities and focus on future development. The Institute should develop world’s leading technologies and enhance the brand value of the group and make its own contributions in the development of Chinese steel industry and the reform of the Chinese economy. 

Yu Yong said the Institute should fulfill its obligations and take its responsibilities in the structural reform of the group. The Institute’s job is to lead the R&D efforts of the group, reform the structure and improve our status in the industry. HBIS has paid great attention to the institute and will continue to offer full supports in HR, material and finance. It will give its best policies, structural support to allow the experts to be fully devoted to their studies. The Institute should improve its capabilities and influences and HBIS will take advantages of this platform to benefits from the studies.

Yu Yong said the Institute should open its mind and setup its target to world’s leading global R&D and academic communication center. The Institute should help the enterprises to find solutions to the actual problems and provide assistance to the applications of the latest technologies.

Zhao Ji said in the first year of the Institute, HBIS and Northeast University teams worked closely to identify the industrial needs, leading technologies and key national technological demands. The Institute has been developing the merger of industrial production and university education and improve the application of technologies. Multiple technology application projects have been approved. Outstanding Performance of the Institute in its first year. The parties are exploring new innovation models and achieving a dedicated merger of Production, Academic studies. The cooperation between an university and enterprise will play a more important role and provide more development room for all parties. 

Zhao Ji said it was only one year in its operation. It is only a beginning and there is long way ahead. The University cherishes this opportunity to work with HBIS and has put this cooperation into its development strategies. We are determined to deepen our cooperation and make our contributions in the development of both HBIS and Northeast University. The university wishes that the Institute could develop strategic, front line and revolutionary technologies and develop more self-oriented, leading and strategic projects to win key national projects to serve our national strategies and the development of steel industry. The institute should explore new blank fields in the industry and improve the efficiency and achieve a mutual beneficial cooperation between the University and Enterprise.