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HBIS & Northeast University Held The First Annual Academic Conference

August 17 and 18, HBIS and Northeast University jointly held the First Annual Academic Conference in Northeast University International Conference Center. The main title of this conference is “Green, Intelligence, Coordination, Innovation”. The academicians, experts, academics and professionals published their latest studies over green development of steel industry, intelligent manufacturing and technology innovation. The attending experts had detailed discussions as a bridge between academic studies and commercial applications to enhance the upgrade and sustainable development of steel industry. The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) Sun Chuanyao, CAE academician, HBIS & Northeast University Research Institute Principle Wang Guodong, CAE Academician Mao Xinping were attending the conference. HBIS CCP Chairman, Group Chairman Yu Yong, HBIS President Peng Zhaofeng, Northeast University CCP Chairman Xiong Xiaomei, University Principle Zhao Ji, HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong, Northeast University Deputy Principle Wang Jinkuan also presented at the conference.    

Representatives from Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, National Laboratory of Automobile Steel Technology & Application, Baowu Group, Ansteel Group, Shougang Group, Central South University, University of Science & Technology Beijing, Guangxi University, Anhui University of Technology, Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy; Northeast faculties, HBIS subsidiary Chairman, vice president for technologies, chief of technology center, director of Energy & Environmental Protection Department, HBIS Strategy Supervisor, Investment supervisor, more than 300 in all, attended the conference. 

HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong hosted the opening ceremony and the afternoon session of August 17.

On behalf of HBIS, Yu Yong delivered the opening speech and welcomed the Academicians, experts to join in the discussions. He said the goal of this conference was to promote the exchanges between institutions and enterprises and improve the connection of academic study and applications of new technologies. We will also discuss to strengthen the upgrade and achieve a sustainable development of steel industry.

Yu Yong promised that HBIS would enhance its cooperation with key R&D institutions,including Northeast University. The partners will improve their products, upgrade the industry and enhance the green & intelligent manufacturing and comprehensive & composite application of resources and energy. They will jointly implement their projects to improve the technology and upgrade the industry. He wishes that the HBIS & Northeast Annual Conference could become a platform of communication of professionals and assist the technology innovation and concepts. He hopes the conference could be more influential and lead the domestic and international steel industrial communications.  

Zhao Ji said the innovative cooperation model of HBIS & Northeast Research Institute and the successful projects have drawn attentions from the public and enhanced the competitiveness of both HBIS and the Northeast University. Face the future, the University will be hand in hand with HBIS to explore new mechanisms to expand our cooperation to develop one of most competitive and influential unions of steel industry. The Institute will become the showpiece of cooperation between a steel manufacturer and an academic institution and training center for the elites of Chinese steel industry.  

Peng Zhaofeng announced the project teams and individuals that won Reward Credentials of the Research Institute. 

CAE academicians, Sun Chuanyao, Wang Guodong, Mao Xinping, then presented their studies of “New Development of Beneficiation Equipment”, “Intelligent & Green Development of Steel Industry”, “Technology Innovation of Continuous Casting of Strip Slabs”. As top experts in the industry, they presented the latest development in equipment in mining industry, the technology innovation and development of green steel material and the innovation of continuous casting and rolling of strips. In their presentations, they provided the implementation routes and could lead to a further improvement of Chinese steel industry.

Director of HBIS Research Institute, Li Jianxin presented “The Review of Technological Innovation and Forecast  of HBIS”to the conference. He introduced the history and its achievement of technology innovation of the group and its global Technological Innovation platform. He provided the new concepts of HBIS innovation and its routes. More than ten professors, experts, executives from  University of Science & Technology Beijing, Central South University, Shougang Corporation, Hefei General Machinery Research Institute,HBIS Wusteel, Baosteel Institute, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Ansteel Future Steel Research Institute, Northeast University and HBIS Tangsteel, made their presentations in the conference.  

To make it efficient, the August 18 conference ran 6 sessions in parallel. 39 professionals from HBIS, Northeast University and other institutions made their presentations, the topics included optimization of production, technology innovation.