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HBIS & SINOKOR Signing MOU To Jointly Face Future Challenges

August 29, as leading enterprises in their industries,the globalized HBIS signed a MOU for cooperation with SINOKOR MERCHANT MARINE(Sinokor) in Korea. HBIS CCP and Group Chairman Yu Yong, Sinokor Chairman Zheng Taichun signed the MOU and delivered speeches.   

HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong, Vice President & Chairman of HBIS International Trade Liu Jian, Sinokor President Zheng Jiaxian, Supervisor Li Taidong, and standing director Ju Xianzhe attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Yu Yong said that this was the 10th year HBIS and Sinokor started their cooperation. In the past 10 years, the parties helped each other, which was very impressive. Time will witness their develop hand in hand. HBIS respects Sinokor dearly. In our time, it is simple to incorporate a company. However, it is a tough challenge to run a long and successful operation. Sinkor today, has become a globalized and influential shipping company. It is now an excellent platform for young Koreans to make their careers and making profound contributions to Korean economy. In every exchange, we could feel the abstruse enterprise culture, advanced concepts and team spirits. 

Yu Yong said, with the improvement of management and technology, the competition between company has completely changed. It is no longer a single company to face the market competition, instead, it is competition along industrial chains. Enterprises along the same industrial chain should work closely to face new environment and challenges. HBIS now is the world’s

Largest steel manufacturer and comprehensive service supplier, which operates in more than 100 countries of the globe and owns businesses in more than 30 countries. Sinokor is one of the most important partners of HBIS which we cherish dearly. We expect to work together with Sinokor in global competition. Our cooperation is a long term one. Our MOU is a strategic move that opening a new page. We will be hand in hand with Sinkor and win the challenges ahead.

Mr.Zheng welcomed the HBIS delegation  lead by Yu Yong. He said steel industry is a backbone of all industries. Without steel, human would not be able to sustain our modern life and urban civilization. Steel industrial has made extraordinary contributions to the prosperity of humankind. In turbulent market, with its brilliant leadership, keen insight and high level strategic thinking, HBIS is now China’s leading steel manufacturer. We believe, in complex market,HBIS must be able to overcome difficulties and become the world’s top steel company.  

Zheng said he was honorable to establish a strategic cooperation partnership with HBIS, one of world’s first tier steel manufacturers. The MOU is launching a strong and 30 year long partnership. Sinokor hopes, with this MOU, the partners could take advantages of their positions and help each other in tough market environment. With their mutual trust, the companies could grow and develop together.

According to the MOU, Sinokor will be one of priority shippers of HBIS to provide transport services of raw materials. Sinokor will also provide consulting services in shipping and  leasing. With its high financing capabilities, as a JV partner, HIBS might be able to join in the ship building and 2nd hand ship purchasing projects and provide training to HBIS shipping teams. With potential joint ventures, HBIS would be able to receive expert services from Sinokor in export shipment.