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HBIS Hansteel Providing Whole Vehicle Materials To Three High End Clients

September 7th, HBIS Hansteel completed its last delivery of high strength automobile steel to a renowned manufacturer in Mid-China for its new cars.To perform this contract, HBIS has provided more than 120 types of trail module, cutting and deliveries. Already, HBIS Hansteel has established cooperation with more than 20 famous automakers in the country and is now able to provide “whole vehicle materials”to three types of vehicles of three automakers. The monthly high end automobile steel output has already exceeded 70,000tons.

The customer of this contract owns multiple high end automobile production bases in the country and is a leading domestic car maker in scale. Last year, HBIS Hansteel successfully won orders from this automaker after Hansteel was able to manufacture whole vehicle materials for two other famous automakers. 

HBIS Hansteel has been optimizing its technologies, HR, automation and information technology systems to provide steady supports its high end strategies. With the assistance from HBIS Northeast University Research Institute and other technology sources, the company has been targeting personalized demands of the clients. In order to resolve the problems in automatic control of the formation of cold rolled strips, the company  allocated its technical experts to actual production units and improve their responses to market demands. With the help of logistic/Wechat system, the company has deepened the merger between information systems and production to allow the clients to monitor the performance of the contracts, from production to transportation.