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HBIS Hansteel Super Thick Galvanized Zinc Layer Strips Adopted In Gansu Underground Pipe Gallery Projects

Following its upgrade and high end product strategy, HBIS Hansteel won 1000tons of 600gram super thick galvanized zinc layer strips contracts in August. The strips will be used in underground pipe gallery projects in Gansu Province. 

Underground pipe gallery technology is a key accomplishment of The Eleventh Five Year Period National Technology Support Plan. It is dedicated to solve the traffic congestion in cities and improve their comprehensive capabilities. One of difficulties in construction of the tunnels is to build the steel board of the framework, which needs a long service time and should have strong anti- corrosion capabilities and thus, a zinc layer that is thick enough to sustain the impact of underground environment. At this moment, only a few domestic steel mills have the equipment and technologies to  produce such strips, especially 600gram zinc strips in this deal. HBIS Hansteel carried out thorough studies and designed its own solutions to meet the requirements. They optimized their production parameters including air knife control and heating furnace settings. With their efforts, the surface defects were well under control and passed the clients exams.