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HBIS Tangsteel Rebars Delivered To Key Civilian Projects

HBIS Tangsteel is working hard to win key civilian material supply contracts with their diversified sales channels and comprehensive services before and after the sales. With their higher profitability and bright brands, the company has recently delivered its rebars to shantytown renovation projects in west suburb of Haidian District, Beijing and received an ardent feedback from the customers.  

The Shantytown renovation project is a very important civilian project dedicated to transform the old and shanty building communities and improve the living conditions of families in poor economic status. With its high quality products, stable delivery records and considering services, HBIS Tangsteel reached out to its potential clients and winning the contracts. The Tangsteel received the exclusive supplier title of the rebars in the projects. To implement this contract, the contractors need to construct 6million flats this year, which raises very high standards to its suppliers. Facing the odds of tight delivery terms and high quality requirements, Tangsteel optimized its production process and shortened the delivery cycles. With top quality products and services, they were highly valued by the clients.