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HBIS Shisteel Cooperating With More Than Half Of World’s Top 50 Engineering Equipment Manufacturers

With its client oriented strategy, HBIS Shisteel has been improving the quality of its products and services and winning more and more high end fans. According to the list of “2017 World’s Top 50 Engineering Equipment Manufacturers” released in Fourth Global Engineering Equipment Industrial Conference in Beijing September 18 and 19, HBIS Shisteel was now working with more than half of those 50 manufacturers. 

HBIS Shisteel has launched the Double Improvement Initiative to improve the quality of its products and services. The company has embedded the “Priority of Quality”concept into the whole process, from production to sales. With its innovation and taking advantages of HBIS service platforms, Shisteel has their eyes on the top projects. Through innovations in management and technologies, they studied the market demands, production procedures, product applications and even downstream demands. They are now able to dedicate specific products to each clients. They organized the integrated services teams that include the technicians from production, sales and R&D teams. From top executives to operators, all company staff are involved in the services. They connect the market, the clients and provide project solutions to the potential customers. Hand in hand with the customers, the company is now able to develop new products and explore more opportunities.

The World’s Top 50 Engineering Equipment Manufacturers are leading players in their own industries and representing different directions. Already, HBIS Shisteel has been working with 22 enterprises of the top 50 companies. To the only Chinese company within the 50 companies, Xugong Group, HBIS Shisteel is now the exclusive supplier of four types of products. For ten years, Shisteel has been winning the Excellent Supplier Title from Caterpillar, the No.One company in this year’s top 50 companies.