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HBIS Project Enlisted In The 2017 Integrated Green Manufacturing Project

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced that the “Green Design Platform of Clean Vanadium Extraction and Production Project”, led by HBIS and jointly developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, was elected one of the 2017 Integrated Green Manufacturing Projects. The project will lead HBIS ChengSteel to an industrialized, informatizion and a green direction. It also will become a showcase project in Vanadium industry for its green and clean production.

To the speedup the implementation of “Made In China 2025”, and improve the green upgrade of manufacturing industry and incubate new advantages, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Ministry of Finance jointly launched the Integration of Green Systems Initiative between 2016 to 2018. In order to meet the “Made In China 2025”plan, the initiative will improve the “Green Audit” capabilities, improve the “Green Production Procedures” and the coordination between upper and downstream industries. It will also support the merger of the enterprises to integrate a full production system that covers all production procedures and demand/supply factors.

The Project will help the Vanadium extraction and green design Platform project to develop new technologies and upgrade key procedures to enhance the green technologies ratio to 40%, improve the green process ratio to 30% and reduce the impact to environment by 20%. The Project will eventually setup two green manufacturing standards, the green product and green factory valuation standards and become typical models of green manufacturing.