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HBIS Products Winning The Title“Excellent Products Of Metallurgical Industry”

October 19th, the Metallurgical Industry Quality Management Union released the winner’s list of 2017 Excellent Products Of Metallurgical Industry. Eight HBIS products won the title. 

The winners are: HBIS Tangsteel continuously hot rolled galvanized strip; HBIS Hansteel hot rolled plate and strap for automobile wheels,continuously hot rolled galvanized none interstitial steel strap, QStE series of continuously hot rolled plate and strap for automobile structures; HBIS Xuansteel low alloy angle steel; HBIS Chengsteel low alloy hot rolled structural strap, hot rolled carbon structural strap, hot rolled low carbon strap for cold rolling mills.

The Excellent Products Of Metallurgical Industry Competition of  Metallurgical Industry Quality Management Union is dedicated to improve product quality of the enterprises of metallurgical industry to satisfy the ever growing personalized market demand. The valuation process includes planning review, application material review, on site valuation, product exam, expert study and online publication. This year, in total, 71 products from 29 enterprises won the title.