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HBIS Borne Key National R&D Project Putting In Operation

October 27th, a key national R&D project undertaken by HBIS, Key AI Technologies In Long section steel Production, initiated its operation in HBIS Chengsteel.This technology is a revolutionary innovation in long section steel production, representing a major improvement of capabilities and quality and the reduction of the energy and production costs. 

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) released the names of key national R&D projects of Upgrading & Application of Important Base Materials of 2017. Six projects including HBIS Key AI Technologies In Long section steel Production were selected by the Ministry.   

This technology merges innovations of academic study and production sectors and improves the quality and efficiency of supply side reforms. It speeds up the upgrade of traditional industry to a high quality, high efficiency, green and low cost long section steel production and could help HBIS Chengsteel to enhance its competitiveness of Vanadium steel sector. The technology will also improve the development AI production of long section steel in the whole country and contribute to a world leading Intelligent Manufacturing In China.

The application of this technology will reduce the energy consumption of steel making and rolling procedures to Zero and improve the direct rolling rate to over 95%, the future direction of long section steel production.