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HBIS High Energy Steel Plates Receiving Certifications Of Shipping Societies Of Six Countries

October 30, the independently developed high energy steel plates received the certifications of six shipping societies of USA, China, Norway, UK, France and Russia, certifying 100mm thickness and maximum 300KJ/cm plates and below. HBIS is now able to produce all domestically needed high energy steel products with a world leading capability.

Receiving the certifications from shipping societies of 6 countries has strengthened the “Unique”and “No.1”position of HBIS high energy plates in the industry and will allow the group to promote its high energy welding shipping and ocean oil platform steel sales and expand its shares in high end market. It will help the Chinese shipping building and ocean platform manufacturing industry to lower their costs and improve their efficiency. 

The high energy welding plate allows the ship builders and ocean engineering equipment manufacturers to apply the latest welding technologies, reducing welding passes and improving the efficiency. To build a 100,000 ton ship, the high energy welding technology will reduce the working period by 3 months. In the country, few ship builders have mastered this technique. Only the world’s leading polar icebreakers and polar condensate vessels are widely using this technology. HBIS has delivered more than 10,000tons of its its high energy plates winning 100% of  domestic market.