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HBIS & Haier Pursing High End Household Electric Appliance Steel

Take full advantages of HBIS-Haier R&D Center Of Household Electric Appliance Steel, HBIS has setup 14 projects to break the bottleneck problems in household electric appliance strip production and satisfy the demands of Haier group. With its improving EVI services and designated production and package solution capabilities, HBIS is now able to provide seamless services to Haier industrial chain and enhance to high end market. 

Working with a strong partner, HBIS and Haier launched their “HBIS-Haier R&D Center of Household Electric Appliance Steel”in April. With their resources across the globe, the partners are working on the first class innovation projects and mechanism to establish a new platform for product upgrades of its subsidiaries. It also could help and support Haier to satisfy and guide the client demands.

Since the establishment of the Center, the teams have identified the key issues and projects in household electric appliance steel production and clarified the budget and schedule. The center arranges the Tangsteel, Hansteel and HBIS New Material technicians to visit the special steel production facilities of HBIS New Material Company every month and make site visits to Haier washing machine, Haier water heater production lines to find problems and solutions. The center also joins in the preliminary product designs of Haier duplicate drum washing machine and carried out the studies of product structure and mould design risks. They provided simulation report and material solutions to the client, making the first step of EVI services. 

Focusing on Haier’s demands to new materials, HBIS Tangsteel has funded nine key projects and delivered over 60% of Haier Casarte Refrigerator, Haier’s top brand, steel materials. With Haier client in mind, HBIS Hansteel also funded five projects and delivered 55.1% of high end face board strips of Haier consumption. While expanding its market shares of white household electric appliances, its LED Back board strips are making their way to black household electric appliances markets. The Central Conditioner steel has already entered the commercial air conditioner market.