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HBIS Angles Making Sales In The First 330KV High Voltage Power Transmission Project In Mongolia

November 16th, HBIS received an order 500tons of angles from the first 330KV high voltage power transmission project of Mongolia.

HBIS has been seeking to restructure its client in order to upgrade its products. The sales teams have been engaging the final users of its angles by market survey and client visits to have a better understanding to the new needs and preferences.Targeting on overseas high voltage power transmission projects, the sales teams successfully win this particular order. The Ulan Bator to Mandalgov power transmission & transformation project is one of Belt & Road and China- Mongolia- Russia Economic Corridor construction projects, transpassing complex geographic terrain across its route. All the environment raises high standards to the materials and capabilities and its dimensional standards of the products. Following the orders, HBIS optimized its production organization and procedures and successfully delivered high quality products to the client.