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HBIS Hardening Technology For 300mm Extra Thickness Plates

HBIS 300mm class extra thickness roller hardener has recently delivered its first batch of plates. The Chinese manufacturers are now able to produce extra high thickness, high strength and high homogeneity high flatness hardened plates.This technology gives the country opportunities to develop and apply even heavier, larger cross section, special utility and heat treated plates. It is first successful application of the country.

This hardener is able to provide heat treatment to rack steel for ocean platform, container steel for coal liquefaction, nuclear steel, abrasion resistant steel to meet the requirements for high-tech and top products.

The hardener produced 1000tons of steel plates of 12 types of high end plates, covering thickness of 120-260mm. In high thickness hydro power steel production, the company adopted the one hardening procedure without the traditional secondary hardening and successfully shortening the production process and ensured the efficient delivery of the plates.