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HBIS Bolstering World Class Petrochemical Production Base

November 22nd, HBIS received a new order of 5000tons of 15CrMoR steel plates for the world class petrochemical production base project-- Zhoushan International Integrated Green  Petrochemical Project. Up to now, HBIS has delivered over 10,000tons of petrochemical purpose steel plates to the project. The plates, including 15CrMoR plates, ultra low temperature steel plates, will be used to manufacture hydrogenation reactor and high temperature alloy steel pipes.     

HBIS has the development goal of the domestication of steel materials in key equipment of major projects. It has been focusing on the demands of petrochemical industry, the clients, designers and equipment manufacturers and manufacturing high end petrochemical steel products to replace foreign plates. Receiving the market query from the Zhoushan Petrochemical project, HBIS contacted the project team and organized its R&D and service teams to develop the products to meet all project requirements. 

Compare to foreign products, the quality of HBIS ultra low temperature plates and high thickness 15CrMoR plates has been exceeding and replacing their foreign competitors and has been applied in manufacturing key domestic equipment.

The Zhoushan International Integrated  Green Petrochemical Production Project is one of seven world class Petrochemical production bases in China and the construction will be completed in 2020.