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HBIS Leader Met Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić


December 18th, Serbian time, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang also attended the meeting. 

Mr.Yu Yong appreciated the warm accommodation of the president and said he had felt the extraordinary development of Serbia in his visit. With the global economy slowing down, under the leadership of President Vucic, the Serbian economy is still growing and full of energy. What a profound achievement! HBIS is very pleased to witness such a development and could see an efficient, practical and strong team of international public relationship.

Yu Yong presented the performance of HBIS Serbian Company in 2017, working plans of 2018 and the development status of Smederevo  Industrial Park Project. He said HBIS Serbian Company is one of the most important project in Chinese & Serbian economic cooperation, which Chairman Xi Jinping and President Vucic had paid great attention to. It is also THE most important project of HBIS. HBIS will concentrate all its resources to ensure a healthy and sustainable development of HBIS Serbia and it competitive. In 2017, HBIS Serbia has been experiencing a great improvement and recovered to the top performance level of the previous years. The employees are now confident and hopeful. HBIS plan is to build a competitive enterprise in the region in three years. 

On behalf of HBIS, Yu Yong appreciated the support from Chinese and Serbian Government. He said, the great development of HBIS Serbia was not only done by HBIS, an enterprise along.It was the fruit of strong support from the highest leaders of the countries. The Smederevo  Industrial Park Project has officially started and all process is on schedule. For the implementation of the project, the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Commerce and Ambassador Li Manchang, have offered their full support. He believed that as the State Of Serbia, HBIS Seriba and other projects will have new image everyday.   

President Vucic thanked Chairman Xi Jinping, the Chinese Government and Chinese People and HBIS for what they had contributed to Serbia. He said China had been treating Serbia equally and building cooperation according to the principle of mutual respect. We appreciate that. To Serbian, the great initiative of One Belt & One Road has great political values and could determine the future of Serbia. Just like Chairman Xi Jinping  has said, The Belt & Road Initiative would not only bring fortune to the Chinese people, it would bring fortune to all the countries and the peoples along the route. To Serbia, China is the most important partner, not only the political one, but more and more a business partner. 

President Vucic said he was very glad to hear the great performance of HBIS Serbia in 2017 and its plan for 2018. It is not only important to HBIS Serbian Company, but also a plan for the future economic develop of Serbia. Everything HBIS has contributed to HBIS Serbian Company, to the state of Serbia, they are my biggest achievement of the past five years. The performance is because of the hard work of HBIS and Chinese teams. The development of this steel mill will be an important chapter in my annual report of this year. Meanwhile, me and the Serbian Government, will continue to provide the support to HBIS Serbian Projects.