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HBIS Products Making A Foothold In the World’s Largest Arctic LNG Project

The Key China-Russia Energy Joint Venture,the first LNG production facility of Yamal LNG Project has recently commenced its production. It is the first implementation of a large scale overseas project since the issuance of One Belt & One Road Initiative and the world’s largest LNG project in the Arctic. The success of this project will enhance its overseas energy cooperation of China and improve the Chinese influence in international energy market. In its construction, HBIS delivered 24,000tons of high heat input plates to manufacture the world’s only two heavy load decked freighters and two top class polar condensate tankers.    

The Yamal LNG Project is an integrated upstream energy project including nature gas & condensate development, nature gas processing, liquefaction, LNG shipping and sales and being called an energy pearl in the arctic. In the project, the two Chinese designed and manufactured decked freighters are playing a decisive role and could operate 12 months a year in the arctic region. This is the very first time that Chinese enterprises manufacturing such vessels. The polar condensate tanks adopted the specialized Arc7 class design. All the two decked arctic freighters and two polar condensate tankers applied top class plates manufactured by HBIS.     

In the first eleven months of the year, the HBIS domestically made and thickness CrMo Steel Plates, high end petrol steel, 192mm boiler drum plates break the foreign market control and replace the import products.