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HBIS Passing AEO Senior Certification Of Chinese Customs

December 26th, HBIS received the AEO Senior Certificate issued by the Shijiazhuang Customs.

The “AEO Senior Certified Enterprise”title represents the holder has the top credit records in Customs system and could enjoy favorite customs policies including simplified document reviewing, prioritized custom clearance, lowest custom exam rate, custom public information services, and favorite treatment from the Mutually Certified AEO countries. With its AEO Certificate, HBIS could reduce the time and costs of custom clearances significantly and could the enjoy the highly creditable reputation. With the background of anti-terrorism and the mutual certification by AEO countries, the certification was strictly conducted by the General Administration of Chinese Customs and all the relevant enterprises were included.      

With its scale and comprehensive industrial chain, HBIS takes advantage of its Pan Logistics, Pan Port resources to  integrate its mineral import logistic systems and implement an integrated management to all of its shipping, port discharging and deliveries in the country. This specialized management management system is rigorous and practical and has received high remarks of the customs.