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HBIS Extra High Thickness CrMoR Plates Applied In World Class Oil Refinery and Replacing Foreign Products

For the first time, HBIS recently received an order of 584tons of 200mm high thickness CrMoR plates, the thickest plates of this type made by a domestic steel mill. The plates will be delivered to Sinopec Zhongke refinery project in its world class Maozhan production base to manufacture the high temperature separator.   

Taking the responsibility of domestication of steel products, HBIS has been developing high end refinery steel and replacing foreign products. The company is able to deliver the high thickness CrMo plates by 168mm, 174mm and 177mm to Shenhua Ning Coal To Oil Project, which is the world class coal chemistry showpiece project, Shaanxi Future Energy 1million ton per year clean energy project, solidifying the brand of Best High thickness Plates of the China.

The Zhongke Refinery projects is the largest Joint Venture of the industry in China and will produce 25million tons of fuel and 1.8million tons of ETH each year.