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China Central Television Aired The HBIS Serbia Reviving Episode in its One Belt & One Road Show

January 18th, CCTV aired the Reviving, the 287th episode of its One Belt & One Road show, one of the Far Away Home Series of the state broadcaster. The new show tells the story of the only state owned steel mill of Serbia, Smederevo steel mill, regaining its strength after being purchased by HBIS and bringing prosperity and hope to the city. It is a story of success in the One Belt & One Road Initiative. 

In 45 minutes, the journalist visited HBIS Serbia by entering the production facilities, company offices and homes of employees. She talked to Chinese executives, local employees and their families, union leaders and government officials and listened to the story of this century old enterprise. She could feel the changes of the steel mill, the city and locals since the deal with the Chinese company. Through the lens, the show helps the viewers feel the friendship in the open market of Serbian, the hope the Chinese enterprise brings to the city and the Chinese affection of a Serbian employee. The highly anticipated  HBIS is lively brought to the eyes of the viewers and showed the power of Chinese enterprises and their warmth.   

HBIS Serbian Company, the previous Smederevo steel mill, which was incorporated in 1913 and once the pride of the nation, was purchased by HBIS on April 18th, 2016. By June 19th,of 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping inspected HBIS Serbia and made this high requirements.HBIS has not disappointed the President, the Chinese government and Serbian government. With its advantages in technologies, management, green production and the world’s largest sales network, with its globalize resources, advanced technologies and management, HBIS has brought historic changes to the steel mill. Half a year after takeover, the company ended a 7 year long loss and became the second largest exporter of Serbia a new export power house of the country. In 2017, HBIS Serbia made even better progress and fully recovered to the best performances of all of its history.  

The steel is bringing happiness to the whole city and pushing the traditional friendship between China and Serbia to a new historical level. The revival of HBIS Serbia shows the HBIS Representing the national industry and playing its national role. It is showing the Chinese characteristics and making the Chinese voices and telling a lively Chinese story.