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HBIS Executives Meeting Danieli Global Deputy Executive President Auer Werner

January 23rd, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Danieli Global Deputy  Executive President Auer Wener in HBIS headquarter. Danieli Deputy Executive President(Europe & China) Ximeris Georgios, Deputy Executive President(Strips, Europe & China) Hoedl Heinz, Regional Executive President(China)Coianiz Loris also attended the meeting. 

Yu Yong said HBIS and Danieli had established a very good and long term cooperation and withed Danieli could provide more advanced procedures and technologies and explore more business opportunities. Over the current project in discussion, we wish to see a successful negotiation.

Mr.Werner said the cooperation with HBIS had been harmonious and constructive.Every single step has contributed to a success. With its advanced technologies and services, Danieli will assist HBIS to comprehensively enhance its competitiveness. 

The business executives also had discussions over international production ventures, the applications of new technologies and new procedures.