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HBIS & Primetals Signing Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement


February 7th, HBIS and Primetals Technologies signed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement in HBIS headquarter. With this agreement, the parties will establish a comprehensive and coordinated cooperation in all aspects and enhance their advantages in their industrial chains to maximize the their resource sharing and strengthen the position in world steel industry. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, Primetals Director & Chief Sales Officer Aashish Gupta attended the ceremony and delivered their speeches.

In his speech, Yu Yong said, as the world’s top equipment and service supplier, Primetals has been always been an important strategic partner of HBIS. Over the years, Primetals has not only provided advanced equipment and technologies, but also comprehensive, full life value added services to HBIS. The comprehensive strategic framework agreement we are signing today shows that our cooperation has come to a high level. We will develop a comprehensively coordinated partnership in all aspects, which enables us to benefit from the industrial chains and maximize the resource sharing to achieve the goal of mutual benefit.

Yu Yong said HBIS had been in reform and strategic adjustment which provided the best cooperation period for the parties. We  will enjoy a relationship of coordination and mutual benefit, without competition. We have identical development strategies. We have high expectations towards our future cooperation.

Yu Yong said, the experience had shown that besides their paramount size and capacity, the Chinese steel enterprises also own advanced management experiences, technologies and excellent service concepts to their clients. HBIS is now on its endeavor to international development and pace will be even faster. In future, HBIS will dedicate more energy to join in the international competition and take the responsibilities of an globalized steel enterprise. Via exporting advanced technologies and management, HBIS will assist the further improvement of the world steel industry and enhance local employment  and economic development and allow our international companions to share the development of HBIS. 

Yu Yong finally addressed that the agreement was not only a witness of our year long satisfying cooperation, but also a brand new start towards of future cooperation. HBIS is a platform of energy and innovation and it is hoping to make new achievements in Chinese steel industry, hand in hand with Primetals Technologies.

In his speech, Mr.Aashish Gupta said, in order to cope with challenges in the industry, the traditional client-supplier business model should be restructured to a mutually beneficial and full life cycle strategic cooperation partnership. HBIS and Primetals are now leading this revolution. HBIS is the best partner that Primetals could ever find. Besides being one of top three steel manufacturers in the world, it is also the most advanced and innovative steel mill in the globe. Over the world, HBIS has been considered the enterprise with the most sense of social responsibilities.  

Mr.Aashish Gupta said Primetals would continue to play its role in its core capabilities of equipment design and manufacturing. With its technologies in full metallurgy processes, equipment exam and maintenance and services throughout the life cycles, all coming from its genes, Primetals will make its contributions to HBIS. With the comprehensive strategic cooperation, we wish to explore opportunities in more fields. Primetals will do its best and allocate its top resources to ensure the implementation of this partnership.   

Before the signing ceremony, the parties had a high level technical discussion and Mr.Aashish Gupta presented his report of “Future Intelligent Steel Mills--New Technologies and New Trends”.

Primetals Technologies is the world’s leading equipment designer and manufacturer and full life cycle service provider of steel industry and supplying comprehensive equipment, products,technologies and services to world’s metallurgical enterprises. In 2013, Primetals established a full life partnership with HBIS and has since implemented several metallurgical projects. With this agreement in place, the parties will deepen their cooperation in product and procedure development, core capability design and benchmark making, management improvement and improvement of efficiency.