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Three Years A Row, HBIS Winning Haier Golden Cube Award

March 8th, HBIS won the 2017 Haier Golden Cube Award module Supplier in the company’s 2018 Global Module Supplier Mutual Innovation & Winning Conference. This is the third award HBIS has been winning three years a row.

Taking advantage of managing partnership of Haier Special Steel, HBIS has improved its ability of engaging the markets and clients and brought its EVI product R&D and market demands closer. With its CMF design concept, full process quality control and comprehensive solution packages, HBIS is been pursuing continuing upgrade of its products and services such as newly developed anti-bacterial color coating strips for water heaters,V-line & Film mounted color coating strips and dedicated color coating strips for the high end Casarte washing machine. The special Haier strip series with characteristics of anti-bacteria, magic golden color, V-line & yellow and V-line golden patterns have helped Haier high end water heaters to win the market shares. The classic HBIS products and services have won the trust of Haier and more of its orders.     

The deepened cooperation with Haier has allowed HBIS to explore more high end clients in household appliance strip market. Last year, the HBIS color coating strips have been delivered to big brands to manufacture air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator and exterior board of high end construction materials. HBIS has established long term cooperation with Haier, Midea, Samsung and Siemens. It is also the largest household appliance strip supplier in the country.

Golden Cube Award is the award issued by Haier evaluating the innovation capabilities of its suppliers that has become the valuation standard by the industry while making procurement decisions. It is also the highest honor in the module innovation of household appliance industry.