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HBIS Chairman Met Italian Danieli CEO Giacomo Mareschi

May 17th, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Italian Danieli CEO Giacomo Mareschi and his delegation in Beijing and had a very friendly discussion.

Yu Yong said that Danieli was always an important partner of HBIS with traditional friendship and very good and mutual trust cooperation. As a largest steel manufacturer of the world, HBIS has got supports from many equipment manufacturers, including Danieli for years. When the Chinese Steel industry is reforming and implementing the supply side reform, HBIS hopes to find more opportunities in application of new technologies. 

Yu Yong said, as intense as in the world steel industry, the competition in equipment manufacturing industry for the steel industry is also fierce. Including HBIS, the capacity of many Chinese steel mill has met the limits. However, these is steel market room in equipment upgrade. When an enterprise pursues high quality products, it will raise completely different demands to equipment manufacturers and suppliers from its capacity expansion period. We will no longer only ask for fundamental function capabilities, instead, we will seek differentiated services in terms of financial and full life cycle services. We believe additional to its existing advantages, Danieli could provide differentiated services to HBIS. We will work together and continue to strengthen our cooperation.

Giacomo said the development in the past few years of HBIS had drawn his attention and he understood the the process very well. Danieli is proud of the great achievement of HBIS. To provide satisfactory services to its clients is the responsibility of any supplier. Danieli will thoroughly study the demands of HBIS and Chinese steel enterprises and fulfill its responsibilities towards its partners. As a big brand equipment manufacturer, Danieli will provide higher quality services to HBIS and other Chinese steel mills. We are expecting a deepened cooperation and friendship.