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President Of Chinese Iron & Steel Association Yu Yong Making Speech In 10th China International Steel Congress: Making Chinese Contribution In The Merger of World Steel Industry

May 16th to 19th , the focus of world steel industry was in Beijing and the 10th World International Steel Congress, by China Iron & Steel Association(CISA), was held in Beijing. On May 17th, in the open ceremony, Mr.Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology;National School of Development at Peking University Professor and Research Center of Chinese Macro Economy Director Lu Feng; CISA President, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong made their speeches. CISA CCP Chairman and Secretary General Li Zhenjiang hosted the opening ceremony.

World Steel Association(WSA) Executive General Edwin Basson, high ranking officers from China Baowu Steel,HBIS, JFE, Arcelor-Mittal, Premetals ,other 100 well known enterprises from upper and down stream of steel industry and industrial associations, more than 500 people attended the different sessions. 

The leaders, experts and guests discussed the topic of the year Merger & Breakthrough. With the speeches of New Age of Chinese Steel, World Steel Management, Technological Innovation & Breakthrough, Management Reform & Tilting. With brain storm and discussions, the parties deepened their understanding,  reached consensus and tried to find the way of further development of world steel industry.  

With the title of Making Chinese Contribution In the Merger Of World Steel Industry, Mr.Yu Yong made his speech. He said, facing the challenges of world economy and trend of high quality development of Chinese economy, we welcomed this grand meeting of world steel industry. With the companions in and out of the industry, we discussed the deep level, overall and strategic topics which were very important to world steel industry and global economic development. Steel industry has high correlation to other industries and global features and its healthy and sustainable development depends on open, sharing, cooperation and mutual winning concepts. We should merger with the world and upper and down industries.  

With the example of the development of Chinese steel development, the Chinese steel industry promotes the global economy and leading role in reducing the over capacity and green development, Yu Yong said that Chinese steel industry had provided full support to the rapid economic development and made its contributions to world steel industry and world economy. He said, in 2017, the Chinese economy contributed the more than 1/3 of economic growth in the world economy, in which Chinese steel industry played an assignable role. A substantial part of the growth of steel consumption of the world steel industry comes from the Chinese demands, especially from the steel industry. Mean well, the development of Chinese steel industry has never been an export oriented one and the development of Chinese steel industry has provided a robust market to the global steel industries, which is a guarantee to the stable operation of world steel trade.

Yu Yong said the Chinese steel industry has been leading the reduction of the over capacity in the world steel industry. Facing the global difficulties of over capacity, China is the only country in the world releasing its reduction goal and turning into action. In 2016 and 2017, China has removed a total over capacity of 120million per year. This year, China will further remove a capacity of 30million tons, by that time, the country will meet its upper limits of the reduction goal two years head of its schedule, making Chinese contributions to the healthy and stable development of the Chinese steel industry and world steel industry. 

Yu Yong said Chinese steel industry had been leading the green development. The whole Chinese society has been fighting hard to curb the pollution and the steel industry has applied even more strict environmental protection standards and some of them are higher than many other countries. The Chinese government also has enacted series of environmental protection laws and regulations. The most advanced environmental protection technologies have been widely applied in the Chinese steel industry. Now, the world’s cleanest steel mill is in China and the Chinese steel is becoming the leader in the quest of improving the global environment and green production.

Over pursuing a high quality development of Chinese steel industry, Yu Yong said the Chinese economy had entered a new phase of high quality development from its original high speed development period. Its structural reform and upgrade are becoming the integral title of the healthy development of Chinese steel industry in the new era. We believe that strategic importance of steel industry in the world economy will remain and the steel material is still an irreplaceable material to all industries. Steel industry is still an indispensable industry of the world economy. Next, the Chinese steel industry will focus on quality, efficiency and power improvement. With reform and upgrade, green & low carbon and open development, Chinese steel industry will provide better services to the Chinese and world economy.

Yu Yong said, at present, a globalized economy had been an irreversible historic and objective trend and the development of Chinese economy and society could not leave the the world and the world economy needed China more. As the world’s largest steel producer and consumer, China will mainly meet the domestic demand and attend the global competition and build a fair, reasonable and transparent international trade regulation system and coordinate mechanism that China could play its relatively leading role in the world market and push the world steel trade towards a stable and positive direction. We have the willing to work hand-in-hand with our steel companions to follow the trend of history to build and new cooperative, mutually winning and beneficial, open and sharing world steel development order.  

For the merger of world steel industry, Yu Yong offered two proposals. 1, a stable and growing world steel industry needs the efforts of all countries in the world; 2, to reduce the over capacities, top level designs of a globalized solution is needed, more importantly, globalized cooperation and actions are essential; 3, reform the SOE to a social and public companies; 4, continue the open, sharing, mutually complementary international production cooperation.    

Yu Yong said after years rapid development, Chinese steel industry had become an important member of world steel family. We wish stand on a new starting point of history and enhance our cooperation with our international partners, investors, suppliers and downstream clients and make our contributions for a more beautiful tomorrow of world steel industry.