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10,000Tons of HBIS 100M Heavy Load Rails Delivered To National Railway Main Line Projects

May 15th, HBIS successfully produced 15,600tons of 100-meter heavy load rails and passed all technical exams, performing a contract of China Railway (CR). The rails will be delivered to China Railway Beijing Group and Jinan Group, Zhengzhou Group for their national railway main line replacement projects. The contract volume of CR Beijing Group contract is 5300tons and the rails will be used in Beijing West-Chang Railway (Beijing West Station to Changyang Section).

Rails have the categories of heavy load rails and and light weight rails. The rails that have a unit weight of 30Kg per meter are heavy load rails and they are high-tec, high precision,top and special steel products requiring continuous production processes, complicated metallurgical procedures and rolling operations. The heavy load rails can show the capabilities of a steel enterprise. By beating more than 40 difficulties, HBIS technologies are matured. In March, HBIS 60Kg/M U75V/U75VG heavy load rails received the CRCC certificate, winning the passport entering the domestic railway market. HBIS has already owned the capabilities of producing heavy load rails above 50Kg/M.  

Previously, HBIS heavy load rails have been applied in trail projects in the country.