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HBIS & Primetals Holding 3rd Technology Summit


June 12th and 13th , the HBIS & Primetals 3rd Technology Summit was held in HBIS headquarter and the experts and technicians discussed new technologies and new concepts in metallurgical procedures, technological development & applications, intelligent manufacturing and green development. They explored the new road map of reform and development of the steel industry tried to find the HBIS & Primetals Solution to the world steel industry. HBIS CCP & Group chairman Yu Yong, Primetals Director and Chief Sales Officer Aashish Gupta joined the opening session and made speeches.

Yu Yong said that Primetals was one the top suppliers of HBIS. Besides its technologies and products, Primetals’valued services and its focuses on its clients are very impressive to HBIS. Particularly this year, the parties founded the comprehensive strategic cooperation and opened a new page of cooperation. Facing the future, base on the existing HBIS equipment, the parties will find new projects for upgrading products, technologies and procedural innovations. 

Yu Yong said, in the future, one of the realities that Chinese steel enterprises must consider was that in the competition, how could top & state of the art equipment beat simple & lost cost capacities. The strength of a steel mill is not on the equipment, eventually, it relies on technology, innovation, management and new business models. The development and improvement of an enterprise relies on its awareness of its own status and find its path of growth. The future state of the art HBIS should develop its capabilities in downstream of the industry, the key products, technologies, innovation and client services. HBIS should benefit from its previous capital investments and existing high end equipment and produce top products and improve its competitiveness.

Yu Yong also indicated the future cooperation between HBIS and Primetals would be on extending the industrial chain, material further processing, product segmentation and client services. From this summit, the communication between the two companies should not be limited to new equipment and should start to shift to release the potential capabilities of existing equipment, key technologies and procedures. HBIS hopes that with the technical assistance of Primetals, the company could develop leading new technologies, new procedures and new products. HBIS is confident and trusts Primetals. He wishes a successful 3rd Technology Summit and the parties could find common ground in technological discussions and local new topics to study for the next summit.     

Mr.Aashish Gupta said in the past few years, HBIS had made astonishing accomplishment in product upgrade, structural reform, green development and international development and become a leading large steel manufacturing group of the world. Its differentiated advantages in competition has been strengthening. We do agree with Mr.Yu Yong’s comments over low costs and product value. In today’s market competition, the low costs along doesn’t present the market ranking and competitiveness. Those higher costs but more valuable and more competitive enterprises are more attractive and that should be our goal. The strategic orientation of an enterprise often decides its future development. Facing the fierce competition, survival should not be the sole goal of an enterprise, it is more about fighting and winning its position in the competition. 

Mr.Gupta said Primetals would study the demands of HBIS in technologies and equipment and assist HBIS to improve its value added chain. HBIS now is manufacturing equipment and its R&D capability has been reaching the world top level. It also owns a high level professional technical team, which is allowing HBIS to enhance its competitiveness. Primetals will take full advantages of its technologies and work closely with HBIS to strengthen its innovation and assist HBIS equipment reach its potential. Working closely along the industrial chain, we would enable HBIS top equipment to generate differentiated advantage products and help HBIS improve innovation capability.

The main topic of this summit is facing the Made in China 2025. During the summit, HBIS technicians and Primetals made high level discussions over new technologies, new procedures and new conceptions.