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HBIS Chairman Meeting Canadian Ambassador John McCallum

June 14th, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum in HBIS headquarter and agreed to strengthen their communications in the future.

Yu Yong said, as a globalized enterprise, HBIS had invested in more than 70 countries, which were purely economic activities and the needs of its own development. The friendship between China and Canada has been offering opportunities to enterprises of both country. The matured business and investment environment and rich resources of Canada are very attractive to HBIS. In future, HBIS will be looking at the Canadian economy closely and looking for cooperation opportunities in manufacturing and other businesses.

Ambassador McCallum said after the site visit and discussions,he understood that HBIS owned an excellent globalized business. Canada needs to diversify its economy and is actively exploring other trade markets. Canada hopes to establish contacts with more enterprises like HBIS. The Canadian embassy to China is willing to strengthen its communication with HBIS and provide better services to future cooperation between HBIS and its Canadian counterparts.