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Extra High Thickness HBIS Plates Building MV Tian Kun --World’s Most Advanced Magic Island Maker

June 12th, MV Tian Kun, nicknamed The Most Powerful Map Editor, completed its 4-day sea trial and returned.MV Tian Kun is the world’s most advanced heavy weight and self-driven cutter suction dredger and is indigenouslydesigned & built by the country. HBIS delivered over 560tons of high end extra high thickness steel plates for the Tian Kun dredger.

Built by ZPMC, MV Tian Kun is a 6600Kw self-driven cutter suction dredger with a length of 140m, width of 27.8 and a maximum dredging depth of 35 meters. It has the capability to dig 6,000 cubic meters per hour ofsand/silt and sea water mixture and transfer the materials up to 15,000 meters. MV Tian Kun is the first self-driven heavy weight cutter suction dredger the country has ever built and will enable the country to improve its ability in sea reclamation, dredging and port construction. It will be a key equipment of the country in its ocean development.