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HBIS Chairman Meeting HASCO Executives

June 21st, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met HASCO Former Metallurgical Engineering & Technology Vice President Geoff Raisbeck and Metal & Mineral Engineering & Application Innovation Vice President Bill Mullen in HBIS headquarter and agreed to deepen the cooperation of the two enterprises.

Yu Yong said HASCO was a close overseas partner of HBIS who had great cooperation and high level mutual trust.Facing the current international economy, HBIS has confidence and wishes towards the future cooperation with HASCO and will continue to open to find new opportunities in other business besides the existing traditional cooperation.

Both Mr.Geoff Raisbeck and Mr.Bill Mullen expressed that HASCO was confident to have better cooperation with HBIS in the future and the company would continue to support technological innovation and provide better services to HBIS.