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HBIS Held 2018 Overseas Business Meeting: Making HBIS A Sustainable Large Multinational Enterprise

June 28th, HBIS held the 2018 Overseas Business Meeting in its headquarter.

Meeting their high ranking oversea executives, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong welcomed them to visit HBIS headquarter from all those countries and appreciated their contributions to the implementation of the overseas strategy. He said that he was glad to meet everybody here. HBIS is a big family and everyone is a member of the family. We believe, understanding the accomplishment of the past decade, everyone will be happy and proud. HBIS is offering opportunities to every employees in overseas companies and we could see the hard work and dedication of overseas executives and employees.   

Yu Yong emphasized that HBIS could not develop and improve without the great supports of its overseas companies. Especially in its international development efforts, HBIS needs its every executive and employee to work hard. We are all participating witnessing the implementation of HBIS overseas strategies and the people in the meeting are strongest supports of HBIS overseas development. In the coming ten years, every overseas executive could feel that HBIS becoming a large scale multinational group and HBIS will provide development room and platform to all its subsidiaries, including its overseas companies. Next decade, HBIS will be a leading company in the global steel material industry and make more accomplishments in overseas development, technological development, management innovation and business model innovation. 

Yu Yong emphasized the future HBIS will be attractive and all HBIS people should work together and turn it into reality. The development of HBIS will share its successes with every single employees. In future, HBIS will be great because of every HBIS people and everyone of them will be happy being a HBIS people. 

In the meeting, the overseas company presented the business reports and their plans. The group also made its working plans for its subsidiaries.