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HBIS Holding “HBIS Ten Years”Review & Outlook Rally

Grow in Reform and make future in development. June 28th, HBIS held the “HBIS Ten Years”Review & Outlook rally in its Shijiazhuang headquarter to witness the great accomplishment of the past ten years of the group and promote the high quality development momentum. With its courage and wisdom, HBIS will pursue further reform and innovation. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, President and Deputy CCP Chairman Peng Zhaofeng attended the rally and presented the awards to the “The Most Beautiful HBIS People”and “HBIS Craftsman”title winners. 

In the flourishing and mid summer season, HBIS is holding its tenth year anniversary since its incorporation. HBIS today is from China and world oriented. Besides employee representatives, more than 40 overseas employees from HBIS South Africa PMC, HBIS Duferco, HBIS Serbia and other countries proudly return to the family, bringing energy and colorful culture to the rally.   

With the agile Happy Birthday Song, the rally celebrated the birthday of HBIS. With the profound background music, the video Releasing the potential & Ten Years of HBIS was shown to the crowd. With its shocking shots, the genuine feelings and every powerful word, were all telling the extraordinary ten years of HBIS, from 2008 to 2018.  

In this decade, HBIS used its awareness of Leading One Step Ahead and conserved its energy in crisis and marched with reform. From the cold arctic ocean and vast deep universe, from the daily life to the tracks to distant destination, HBIS has been making leading products and meeting all demands. HBIS Products are now reaching every corner of the world. While making a business success, the group also has paid great attention to its social responsibilities and the impact to environment. It has become the cleanest steel mill in the world and achieved the green production. With innovation and sustainable development, HBIS is helping people to realize their dreams. 

 “from the development of HBIS Group, people could see the development of Chinese Steel industry, from small to large, from large to strong.”“HBIS becomes the leading steel mill of environmental friendly steel manufacturer in the steel industry”, “HBIS is the most energetic steel mill”... The China Academy of Engineering Academician Yu Yong, World Steel Association Secretary General Basson, Metallurgical Planning & Research Institute Chief Li Xinchuang showed in the video and enlightened the rally. With applause and cheering, the video presented the HBIS passion to the country and showed the advanced business concepts. Witnessed by everyone, the ten year old HBIS is bringing unprecedented youth and energy and leading the employees to a beautiful future.    

In the warm applause, Yu Yong and Peng Zhaofeng presented “The Most Beautiful HBIS People”title to Zheng Jiuqiang, Zhou Wentao, Laurence, Andria, Wandenlia,15 people in total and 10 “HBIS Craftsman”titles to Tian Guiyong and Liujie and took photos. During the campaign, Yu Yong and Peng Zhaofeng visited the exhibition of HBIS Employee photo shooting, paintings, titled New Era & New expedition & New Development.  

HBIS Strategic Research Institute released its report and used five key words to recall the excellent accomplishment of the group in the past ten years. Concept & Reform, Client & Product, Technology & Industry, Internationalization & Globalization, Duty & Responsibility could show the development direction and goal for the next ten years, from the perspective of HBIS wishes, self awareness, business targets and industrial planning. 

In the coming ten years, with its steel material capabilities, HBIS will build one of the most valuable industrial service platform and become the most competitive and profitable multinational steel enterprise. With the high quality development goal in mind, the company will expand to material  and service industry. It will produce refined steel, strengthen its Vanadium/ Titanium industry, improve industrial and municipal services, develop industrial financing and explore overseas business, “one basic business and five elements” development strategy. Technology, management and business model innovation will offer great assistance to the group in is efforts to upgrade from a market follower to a leader. HBIS will build a market oriented business model and a new industrial environment supported by a modernized industrial service platform.