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HBIS Praised By China & Serbia Leaders

Remembering the requirements of President Xi Jinping of Keeping Our Words and Taking Action, building a showcase project of China & Serbian cooperation and the international cooperation between China and Mid-Eastern European countries, HBIS has made Smederevo Steel Mill, once again the pride of Serbia, in the heartland of Europe and made its own contribution promoting the traditional friendship between China and Serbia. July 6 local time, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang met Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić in Sophia Hotel and said that HBIS Smederevo Steel Mill was a successful showpiece project of China & Serbia and even China & Mid-Eastern European country cooperation. In the afternoon of July 5, Serbian President  Aleksandar Vučić attended the second anniversary celebration of incorporation of HBIS Serbia and said that the takeover of HBIS, a Chinese enterprise,was bringing success and progress to Smederevo Steel Mill.

PM Li Keqiang said the China & Serbian comprehensive strategic partnership had developed very well and the actual cooperation had made perfect progresses. HBIS Smederevo Steel Mill is a successful showpiece project in the cooperation between China and Serbia and even in the China & Mid-Eastern European country cooperation. Together with our Serbian partners, China looks forwards to a continuing and energetic cooperation in all businesses and deepen the cooperation of the two countries.

In the same morning, PM Li Keqing attended the opening ceremony of China & Mid-Eastern European Countries 8Th Economic & Trade Forum and made a speech. In his speech, PM Li Keqiang emphasized that Chinese enterprises had developed in international competition and were not afraid of any kind of competition. Besides lowering the costs and improving efficiency of Chinese enterprises, competition also could force the Chinese to upgrade their industries.   

President  Aleksandar Vučić said, two year before, supported by Chairman Xi Jinping, with the great efforts of Chinese and Serbian government and the two enterprises, HBIS successfully took over the Smederevo Steel Mill. We do appreciate the support of Chairman Xi Jinping and Chinese people that make everything here a reality. We especially thank our friends from Hebei Province and HBIS for resolving once, one of the biggest problems of Serbia. To the economy of Smederevo and the whole Serbia, this steel mill is very important. We also thank the employees of the steel mill for their hard work achieving the goal. In the past two years, the steel mill has been operating very well and the welfare of over 5000 employees of the mill has been improving while the steel mill itself also has become a major tax payer in the region. Every year, the Smederevo municipal government is receiving a 3.8million-euro direct revenue from the steel mill and other revenues from steel related businesses. This is a successful story of Serbian reform and improvement. Without HBIS and China, we would never make it. 

President  Aleksandar Vučić emphasized that China & Serbia were “iron friends”and Serbian would continue to participate the Belt & Road Initiative and 16+1 Cooperation projects and realize its potential to enhance the cooperation and make it more fruitful. We believe that with the subsequent capital investment and the improving production, HBIS Serbia, the most important steel producer here will make more important contributions to the Serbian economy.

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić  said the practical Serbian & Chinese cooperation had been working steadily. HBIS Smederevo project has been operating very well and the profit has been improving each year. We welcome Chinese enterprises to participate mining, energy, heating and infrastructure projects in Serbia. 

Since HBIS took over Smederevo steel mill, HBIS has provided additional 200 employment opportunities besides the original jobs. HBIS has injected huge capital to upgrade and retrofit the technologies and equipment. In 2017, the company produced 1.48million tons of steel and 1.25million tons of steel products, making a revenue of 750million US dollars, which was an increase of 51.8% compare to the year 2016. It made a profit of 200million RMB and paid 39million-dollar taxes to the government, representing a 1.8% of the Serbian GDP. In January 2018, HBIS Serbia sales revenue exceeded 100million RMB and reached 103million dollars, making a new era of the enterprise.